Are you in search of a modern-day table top that will make your office desk looks gorgeous and organized? Neets Miniconnect is the answer to your need.

Known for its wonderful and eye-catching design, this table cover offers the best way to manage your wires, cords and other plugs.

Apart from providing you the opportunity to make your office looks good, Neets MiniConnect has many irresistible features you won’t want to ignore.

Having said that, below are few reasons why you must go for Neets MiniConnect as soon as possible:

It Adds Beauty To Your Office due To Its eye-catching Design

Your office desk or meeting tables will surely wear a new and attractive look as soon as you install the Neets’ MiniConnect because its awesome design.

It Is Easy To Maintain

Neets’ MiniConnect consists of an easy-to-clean feature, meaning you don’t have to be disturbed about how to make it clean at all times.

It Requires Simple Installation Procedures

Unlike many table covers, Neets MiniConnect doesn’t require stressful or long installation processes. You can install it yourself because all its installation tools are in its package. You necessarily don’t need to hire a professional installer.


Do you want to install it on your small computer desk, or you want it on your large meeting table? Whichever category you belong to, the Neets’ MiniConnect is versatile enough to suit your need. It looks great on large tables, while it’s compatible with small table sizes.

It Is a Space-saving tool

MiniConnect has a very portable size, hence; you shouldn’t worry about the space it will consume. The round-shape device will help organize your wires and cords without any problem.

Its Flexibility Is Second To None

Mini Connect’s flexibility makes it compatible with all types of cables. Whether thick or soft cables, you have no reason to panic because Neets MiniConnect has the solution to all your problems as far as cable management is concerned.

If your dream is to have a very neat and well organized office, MiniConnect is available to help you achieve your target in no time.