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Most incontinence underwear is washable while a few of them do not appear that way; instead, they are disposable. The simple reason is, people, consider the washable ones hard to wear than the disposable ones, so the generic underpants are recommended for its easy to wear nature.

Incontinence underwear is a subtle option to using pads because while being used, they foster environmental friendliness, and it is highly affordable for anyone with an average monthly income.

Staying dry isn’t wholly a difficult task, but here is a few recommended washable incontinence pants that can help you achieve dryness.

Grey Stars Underwear

This is a close fit underpants whose appearance is like the random underwear that can be washed several times. The Grey Stars underwear is made from 95% cotton material and 5% elastane while the absorbing part of the pants is anti-bacterial and manufactured from 100% cotton. Ideally, this underpants design is masculine in style.

Dry Black Underwear

This underwear gives you a happier feel when you put it on, and its underwear meant for day time wetting. Dry Black is highly absorptive, and it is designed to keep pads in its usual position during usage, and with its waterproof layer, it protects leakage.

Are you confused about what to wear underneath to help you stay dry? This is a comprehensive guide that can pull you through the period. This is ideal for people who prefer the convenience of washable underwear and can perform their day-to-day activities without worrying about a frequent leak.

Furthermore, to complement your incontinence pants, you can purchase a mattress protector. This is a well-fitted mattress pad that protects your mattress from incontinence accidents. It will help you cover the surface area of your bed, easily washed after use, and can be reused over and over again.

A mattress protector pad doesn’t have any adverse effect on the skin because its top layer is gentle and soft. You can also use this life-saving mattress protector for your sofa and carry them while traveling. Having a washable incontinence pant is a solution to consider for simple healthy living.

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